Sunday, June 7, 2009

First Blog!

So this is my first blog! I decided to start a blog because I have always loved to write and I constantly have things on my mind. Am I the best writer? No. Do I have the most intelligent thoughts? Probably not. But it doesn't matter because I enjoy writing and if you're reading this then for some reason you enjoy reading what I write...which is awesome!

I started doing video blogs (vlogs) on youtube and realized that I enjoy doing this type of thing. I'm really shy and quiet when I first meet people but I when I get to know you I become an extrovert. People often have mistaken my shyness for snobiness. When I first moved to Louisiana about ten years ago, a lot of girls in high school thought I was a snob because I was quiet and also because I came from up north. I was a "yankee".

A little bit about me now. I am 26 years old, am married to my husband of 5 years and have a 5 year old son. I was born in Louisiana but after that my family and I moved all over the United States because my dad was a professional wrestler. The longest I ever lived in one place was when we lived in Vancouver, Washington for about 8 years.

I never planned on living in Louisiana for this long. My plans were to graduate college in Louisiana and then move. I wanted to live in New York for a year and then Seattle for a year. After that I wanted to focus on my career which would be marketing, international business or something along those lines. God had other plans though. I got pregnant with my son after I finished my sophmore year in college. I decided not to go back to college and finish my degree because I was "doomed" to live in Louisiana (meaning I had my son and was getting married to a native of this land). With a college degree where I live in, it wouldn't have done much good. Currently I make more money than a lot of my friends with their bachelor degrees. I worked my way up in the three companies that I have worked for and that is how I did it. Also, I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I don't love my job. There are times when I can't stand it. I do what I do because I have been doing it for a while and it's comfortable.

So that is a little bit about me. I don't want to write too much on my first blog, so I will stop for now.

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