Monday, June 8, 2009

Bad Idea For A Fundraiser

I have had something on my mind that has been bothering me since this last Saturday.

Let me first state that I am a sucker and give to every fundraiser that I am approached by, even if I hardly have a dollar to my name. I also give money to the veterans on the side of the road and any other human being. If you're the person that is at the gas station and trying to collect money to buy gas because your car broke down about 2 miles down the road while you were on your way across the country to help needy orphans and you don't have any money because your wallet was stolen, then hold out your hand because I'm gonna help those orphans! I'm not stupid, you just never know in certain situations for sure and I don't want to neglect possibly helping someone. My husband makes fun of me for this but I don't care.

Back to the original story though...I'm on the way to my son's tee ball game and come to the red light by my house and there are kids standing in the middle of the street there. They have buckets and cans in their hands collecting money for a school fundraiser. My problem with this is that mainly it is dangerous! This is a narrow highway where people fly by and sometimes run the redlights. After turning onto the highway there are more kids standing in the center between the two lanes of the highway. Not just kids but there is a toddler that can be no older than 4 years old standing there!!! My husband and I about had a heart attack. He was so hard to see because there were older kids standing in front of him. I think it is so irresponsible of the school for allowing this kind of fundraiser. I didn't stop because I'm not going to contribute to the dangerousness. Also, the next thing is that you don't just stand on the streets asking for money for your school. Do a local car wash or something. To me it is young kids being lazy. Even at car washes I know from experience that a number of people will just drive by and give you money and not have their car washed, me being one of them. Oh the aggravation of living in this town. After I drove by the first set of kids and stopped at the red light. They start screaming something at me and gave me nasty looks. How glad am I that I didn't give them any money now? Extremely. I can call the local police station and it goes straight to the Sheriff's office. Anytime I've called them for anything they are not helpful in the least bit. We have a total of one police officer on duty at a time in our town. Ahhh...The joys of small town life. This is why we're planning our big move. We're not country folk, we're city people. I'll explain more about the move at another time.

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