Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Changes and Decisions

The next year is sure to be one of a lot of changes and decisions. I am the most indecisive person I know. When I'm at Starbucks ordering, you would think that I was making a life or death decision. Caramal Macchiato...no wait...Vanilla Latte...or maybe just tea? Blue wire...red wire, which is it? Really, it's just a drink. I irritate myself with this kind of stuff.

So you can imagine the big decision on moving from Southern Louisiana to Vancouver, WA area. I've made my pros and cons list and the pros pretty much outweigh the cons but there is still the uncertainty. It's like moving to a different country. It would be different if we were moving due to a job relocation but we're not. This is purely moving because we love it there and don't want to raise our family here. I have family there and was raised there. I took my husband, who has lived in Louisiana his entire life, there for vacation a couple of years ago and he absolutely loves it. I think the scariest thing is moving during the recession. Will we be able to find jobs before we move? If not, how long until we find jobs when we move there?

It's a lot to think about. In the midst of the stress of all that, my husband will probably be leaving within the next few weeks for six months to go away to work. We won't be able to see him hardly since he will be 11 hours away. He will make a lot of money and it will definitely help us. We will use the money for a downpayment on our house that we will purchase, possibly pay off my car and maybe moving expenses if we do move. After all of those expenses we will have about three months of our usual salaries left, so that if we do move and can't find jobs we will be okay for three months.

I don't enjoy change. We moved so much when I was younger and I think that is the reason I like stability and the same old routine. I'm an extreme planner. Planning makes me feel comfortable and less stressed. It's hard to plan though when there is so much uncertainty.


  1. Hi Jesse - it's not surprising that you're feeling a little nervous - these are big changes to make. But if you don't make the move you will probably wonder "what if?" for the rest of your life. My best wishes to you - Kevin

  2. Hi Jess, congratulations on taking such a huge leap. Uncertainty is exciting and you can make it whatever you want it to be. Make 2009 your best year ever wherever you choose to live.

  3. hey jess it sounds like u really want to move!! i say go for it! if u keep wondering about the bad stuff that "might" happen u will not get to experience the good!! take a plunge. change is a good thing! i live in east tx now but i lived in gulfport ms and know a lot about southern lousiana...i know i would not live there! so i hope u decide to go and im sure u and ur family will be happy! best of luck. (also--say a little prayer and im sure God will lead u in the right direction!)

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Not just change, but HUGE life changes at once. I hope that your husband likes his job, that you will eventually have that house and live the life of your dreams.

    Manifest love, happiness and abundance ...

    Your EIF Friend,
    Lea Charlton

  5. It sounds like you are looking forward to a final change and are merely reminding yourself that you don't like change period. Now it's time to let go of old habitual sentiments and allow what you really want to happen, happen. Really, it will make the change more enjoyable and lessen the change for setbacks, which always prolong the agony. In short, just keep the happy feelings about it and lost the other ones.

  6. Thank you guys all for your wonderful comments! They are so reassuring to me. My husband and I have definitely decided to go along with the move once we have enough saved. You guys are all so sweet. I am so blessed to have such wonderful followers as you guys! =)