Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ebay = So Much Fun!!!

The new frugal Jess has decided to go through the closets in her house.  In my family we all have very nice brand name clothing and lots of it.  I need to buy Aidan a bunch of shorts for the summer since he has outgrown all of his, so I placed a lot of his clothes on Ebay that he can no longer wear.  

At first I was against Ebay because I thought it would cost too much to list the items and it would take forever.  It took about 1 minute to list each item and the cost was absolutely nothing!  You can list an item for free as long as there is no reserve price set up and you only include one picture.  So I did just that and people are already bidding on the items.  Not only is it smart money wise but it's also fun.  It's like a game!  I get so excited to go on there and see how much my item is selling for.  I thought about having a garage sale but you never get near enough for nice clothing at garage sales. 

All the money I get from the items will go into my Paypal account and will be used to buy Aidan's summer clothes.  I have already bid on a bunch of shorts for him.  I can't believe I never used Ebay to buy his clothes before as fast as he outgrows them!  I won a really cute pair of Gap Madras Shorts with the tags still on them for about $13.00 (including shipping)!  It's so much fun to both look and sell your items.

I have never been a fan of pre-owned clothing but they have a lot of clothing that is in EUC (Excellent Used Condition) and have actually bid on some of those items for Aidan.  Not only am I saving money but I'm recycling and helping out the environment.  As long as the user selling the item has a good rating and has sold a lot of items than I am okay with some pre-owned items, as long as it is not underwear or socks!  

I was anti-Ebay for a while because the last time I sold something on there back in 2002, it cost more than what I sold my item for.  It's changed a lot since then!  I encourage all of you to at least try Ebay.  Sell some old stuff on Ebay, buy some stuff on Ebay!  I swear they're not paying me to write this even though it may sound like it.  LOL!  I'm just really excited about it.  Give me a break...I'm a stay-at-home mom, it doesn't take a whole lot to excite me. =)