Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm Back!

So I'm back. I never had a lot of time to blog before between working full time at an extremely, demanding, stressful job, and doing my wifely, motherly duties. As of February 1st, I no longer have to worry about the crappy job I had because I was laid off. It's a funny thing. You hear about all these lay-offs and feel bad for everyone but it always seems like it won't happen to you. The company I worked for I helped start from the ground up and had a verbal contract (I know...stupidest thing I could've ever done). I left a perfectly good job to start up this new similar company because I got a pay raise and "there was going to be so much opportunity for growth" for me and a couple of other people. Yeah, which is why I'm sitting at home right now telling this story.

Thankfully I was laid after my husband finally found a job after being out of work for six months. I know in a blog before I mentioned that he was going to be going to work out of state to make a bunch of money, so that we could move. That never happened because they didn't end up starting that job until just recently. It would be stupid to send him there right now, since he has a job and we can't afford to take any chances with me not working. Before my job was always a safety net.

So yeah, I'm living the American dream. Staying at home, getting unemployment of a whopping $244 (after taxes). Not even 1/3 of what I was making when I was working. There are hardly any jobs around this area, unless I want to go to work answering phones for $8/hour. Even those crappy $8/hour jobs have a lot of competition for them. People that are way over qualified are having to lower their standards drastically. I'm growing tired of living here and have now seen my dreams of moving across country being put on the back burner. When I was working, I was taking my paycheck and putting it directly into our moving savings account. Now I've had to actually take money out of that account to pay some bills. My husband gets paid only by commission (he works for an insurance company), so you really never know how much money you have. My son is in a christian private school, which is not really an option because of where we live. The public school in our neighborhood is horrible. I have to pay a lot of money for him to go to a decent school. The private school probably isn't that great but it is better than what the public schools have to offer. I just received the enrollment package from school last week and have to figure out what to do. I really can't afford to send him to school there but the violence and lack of education are too much for me to even think about sending him to public school around here. Rock and a hard place!

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